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August 24, 2012
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The Odds are Against Us by YourFaceLooksFunny The Odds are Against Us by YourFaceLooksFunny
I made MMD models of my fanfic characters from The Odds are Against Us ^^ It is set during the 16th Hunger Games. These are their outfits for the Caesar Flickerman interviews before they enter the Games. I'm going to make arena models too, as well as other characters ^^
The left is a 15 year old girl called Xyris Quentin, and the left is a 15 year old boy called Zeph Winters.

Here's the fic - [link]

Review please? C:

Here's some information about them, in the style of an SYOT form xD -
Name: Xyris Quentin

Gender: Female

District: 3 (Technology)

Apperance: Xyris has an average height and build. She has a heart-shaped face with big eyes, and a rich brown hair that is to her shoulders and hangs with messy bangs and a side-swept fringe. She is quite pale because she doesn't have time to go outside much, she works a lot and has school. She isn't considered 'pretty' but 'cute' by the Capitol audience.

Personality: To her friends, Xyris is funny and chatty, but this might be because she was close to her old group of friends back home and had known them for a long time. To anyone else, Xyris is very shy, almost to the point of social awkwardness, and has a tendancy to mess with the fabric of her clothes or her hair when she is nervous in the prescence of others.

Family: Xyris is an only child, and has a mother and a father who are still alive. Her mother, however, has an unstable mind and has a tendency to go into hysterics. She used to work in a District factory, but after witnessing someone die at the hands of machinery she became unstable and was dismissed, and she cannot find anymore work.
Xyris' father is like an idol to her. He has a small shop adjoined to the house where he sells inventions that he makes with his vast knowledge of technology. His inventions can often backfire so Xyris usually helps him in building and testing the inventions, which she finds really fun.
When Xyris was reaped, she could see her parents, and her mother had to be restrained by Peacekeepers as she was screaming and tugging on the ropes madly. When her father visited her before travelling to the Capitol, her mother was nowhere to be seen.

Weapon of choice: Xyris didn't score very high in training, because she is inexperienced with any type of weaponry, but she swung a sword about, and she built snares as well as using agility on the gauntlets in the training room.

Token: Xyris has a necklace her father made her with the circuitry scrap from his shop. It is a circle of circuit board on a rusty chain, and she's had it since her 10th birthday. She wears it at all times.

Reaping outfit: She was wearing a plain grey t shirt and black capri pants, with a dark grey cardigan. Most of the girls wear dresses or skirts for the Reapings, but she doesn't like dresses so she wore this instead,

Chariot outfit: Xyris hated her chariot outfit, it was a robotic costume and she could barely move in it, and the headpiece dug into her forehead.

Interview outfit: See the picture above - A shiny grey dress with a circuitry pattern on the skirt. She also wore high heel ankle boots that she could barely walk in, and had loads of makeup on that she didn't like because it made her feel fake.

Interview angle: Though she didn't mean to be, Xyris' awkwardness and shy demeanour made the Capitol audience think she was very cute.

How do they talk: She is shy, therefore she tends to speak quietly. But she has a good sense of humour when people get to know her, and she has a cute sounding giggle.

Capitol views: Since this story is set 16 years after the end of the Dark Days, there is a tension in the air that Xyris doesn't like. But since she's been brought up knowing all the facts about the Capitol (her parents were alive during the Dark Days) she has formed an opinion against the Capitol, thinking that they are unfair and immoral.

How do they act at home: Xyris is very helpful at home, she frequently helps her father in his shop.
She signed up for tesserae every year since her mother lost her job, to keep the family afloat.

How do people who don't know them see them: Very shy.

Are they in any relationships: No, Xyris is usually awkward around boys she likes anyway. It's unclear at the moment whether Xyris likes Zeph or not, but they are friends so she is comfortable being around him in the Arena.


Name: Zephaniah 'Zeph' Winters

Gender: Male

District: 3 (Technology)

Apperance: Zeph has an unusually tall height and skinny build, though he is reasonably strong from factory work. He has an odd colour eyes, a light hazel/ochre, but noone hardly ever notices because he is extremely short-sighted and has to wear glasses. Zeph has black hair, that he leaves naturally spiky and messy, looking like how Xyris says 'a mad scientist'. He is not considered handsome or good looking by the Capitol, but his intelligence gives him an intimidating air to the audience and the Careers. He is often misunderstood.

Personality: Zeph refuses to be around people who are not nice. This is why he did not speak much in the interviews, which made everyone think he is shy, when in fact he isn't. He is caring and loyal, especially to his allies. He has a dry wit and a sarcastic sense of humour, usually jabbing at the Capitol with his jokes. Zeph is a proven genius, he finished school early and works in a factory as well as having a tiny shop which is unnamed but funds his inventing. He has extreme intelligence to the point where he goes into deep, focused thought at random intervals.

Family: Zeph lives on his own, and is not in contact with his family. He has a mother, father and an older sister who teaches at the school. It's unkown why they do not talk.

Weapon of choice: Zeph works in a factory that shapes metals, so he uses a sledgehammer a lot day-to-day to bash metals into shape. This is useful in the arena as he finds a sledgehammer in the Cornucopia which he uses to defend himself.

Token: Zeph doesn't have a token, as he doesn't want to have emotional ties to help bring him home (read the story to understand why) At one point, he told people that his glasses were his District Token, as they were going to make him wear contact lenses which he didn't want to do.

Reaping outfit: He had just gotten back from work when it was Reaping time so he didn't bother getting changed, he just wore his navy blue boiler suit, which had the top half tied around his waist and a white/grey t shirt, with tarnished black boots.

Chariot outfit: Like Xyris, it was a robotic costume and he too could barely move in it, so he just stood still and didn't bother waving. He felt ridiculed.

Interview outfit: See the picture above - Zeph wore a suave suit which made him look like a scholar. His stylists made him wear contact lenses, but as soon as he got back to the District Three suite he took them out and put his glasses back on, as they irritated his eyes.

Interview angle: The audience hadn't understood him much, he appeared aloof, because he didn't want to talk.

How do they talk: Zeph is very literate, he speaks clearly and sometimes uses big words and scientific phrases.

Capitol views: Zeph is against the Capitol, he thinks they are selfish and conceited.

How do they act at home: He lives on his own, and funds his inventing shop, that doesn't have a name yet.

How do people who don't know them see them: Most people his age think Zeph is weird and therefore nobody really talks to him.

Are they in any relationships: No~
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