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Original chars aka OCs by xKirameku-Lunaix


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June 12, 2012
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VIRUS3V1L Xaviere App sheet (Updated) by YourFaceLooksFunny VIRUS3V1L Xaviere App sheet (Updated) by YourFaceLooksFunny
Name: Xaviere Johnson

Age: 17 (Birthday is April 13th)

Group: Summoner

Weapon: The bow and arrow. Can summon arrows out of thin air and set them on fire. Her bow can also be used as a blade since it is razor-sharp, but she usually uses this as a last resort measure since she doesnt like getting close up to enemies.

Likes: Shooting things, using logic to win. Setting things on fire. Science, Xaviere is usually found in her science lab at the virus base. She also loves tea, and summons it often.

Dislikes: When her 'normal' side comes out due to her bipolar disorder, losing, the feeling she gets when thinking about Jared...

Strengths: Extremely precise archer, uses her charms to win, deadly, slightly mad, fast runner, can jump high, very intelligent, is a genius. Knows a lot about how people's minds work.

Weaknesses: keeps getting flashbacks of her past, occasionally switches back to normal for a few seconds due to bipolar-ness, not particularly strong. Argumentative.

History: Xaviere Johnson used to be a sweet girl. Smart, funny, but a bit shy. Her only friend was a boy named Jared Rodgers, whom she secretly had a crush on. At the age of twelve she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, meaning that she sometimes went through a 'manic' phase when she would become over-energetic, think quickly and become mad. But she took medication for it and surpressed her mad side. Her doctor suggested she took up a sport to help, and she chose archery. She is an incredibly precise archer, and it is also where she met Jared, who can also shoot.

One day, Jared and Xaviere were sat in her house, watching television. An awkward encounter involving the two nearly kissing made Xaviere fluster and she got up to 'check her e-mails'. This is when she found the virus and, not knowing what it would do, clicked it.
Inside her mind, the manic part of Xaviere took over, making her completely the opposite of her actual self. Jared barely got out of the house alive, and luckily nobody else was home since Xaviere set it on fire. Jared wants to help Xaviere but she won't let him because it's her manic side and she doesn't want to be locked away again.

Additional information: Because Xaviere was previously a bit of a nerd, she usually starts babbling on about things that no one knows about, like nuclear fusion or the periodic table. She was also a gamer, so she'll shout 'COME AT ME BRO' and make references to stuff like that. She is VERY CLEVER and cunning.

EDIT: Here is the downgraded version of Xaviere. Just so it's clear;
Weapon: Bow and Arrow - Can summon a bow, or can summon lots of arrows and telekinetically fire them at enemies. These arrows can be set on fire.

Pyrokinesis - Can summon fireballs and set things on fire. Can also put her whole body on fire which is useful if anyone is in contact with her.
2: Upgrade - Can switch into a form called Upgrade, mostly as means to escape her Normal self's mind. It makes her a lot quicker, precise at archery and her fire is more powerful. Her form reverts back after a while, however, and she cannot control how long this time period is.

Signature Move: :new: Incinerate - Can create an explosion using the energy inside her that burns anything within the radius into ashes. Works through forcefields because it is a type of energy from within the soul. If you ever see Xaviere begin to glow red and have wisps of smoke emerging from her, RUN.
She can control the radius of the explosion, but the larger it is the more exhausted she is afterwards.

:bulletred: Xaviere is British. She enjoys tea and scones, as well as fine dining and being classy.
:bulletblack: Her bow is a part of her entity; a part of her twisted soul. This is why she can summon it, and when it is knocked out of her hands this is why she can summon it back in her hands.
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pixelated-memories Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yep, she tried to shoot me a couple times :S xD
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I used an application form found on the group page. :)
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